Lisa Ruthmarie Hamilton
Lisa RM. Hamilton

About Me

From a very young age, I showed natural artistic talent. My mom has always encouraged me, making sure that I had a good supply of paints, pencils, and crayons, and gave me good criticism on how to improve, thus helping me strive to be a better artist. My teachers also greatly encouraged my creativity, but even as my talent increased it was still just a hobby to me. I began taking art seriously around year 2008 and I credit that to my art teacher, Keith Carlson.…. My creativity ranges from many things: visual arts, sculpture, crafts, fashion, jewelry, fine woodworking, and a bit of photography. I also hope to become a published writer one day.

What I Enjoy Most

I drew roses ever since Kindergarten but then moved on to human eyes which I had a strong fascination for. Then I went on to complete the rest of the human face. I enjoy painting and drawing woman's faces, but am now expanding my subjects to animals, abstract, nature and scenery.

My Style

Realism and surrealism. My current focus is improving my painting skills with acrylic. I work with acrylics, tempura, watercolor, pen&ink, soft pastels, pencil, and colored pencil. My subjects are usually people and animals. I find most of my inspiration from photos, fashion, and music.
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